DRAW at the Against Static exhibition, Wimbledon Space

By Bettina Johns, MA Theatre Design, Wimbledon

An exhibition opened on the 15th March in the gallery Wimbledon Space at Wimbledon College of Arts showing works by the MA Drawing course at the same college. Its title Against Static suggests a shift away from something, maybe a static definition of what can be considered a drawing. The range of works would back this up, showing an incredible variety amongst the only eleven students showcasing their work, ranging from classic portraiture to installations on the ground and take-overs of otherwise dead spaces. This display of works shows the variety of forms drawing can take on and sparks the onlooker’s imagination through an unexpected use of the medium.

Of particular interest was a piece by Katherine Lovett that was made of strips going across the entrance area of the gallery, made from sound cancellation tape. Hallways, of institutions particularly, are transient spaces. They have the tendency to be loud, noise that is often a nuisance to the people that occupy the rooms accessible through these hallways. This work is a little nod to the constant voice telling you to be quiet and to move along the corridor making as little noise as possible. Looking at the strips on the floor, its graphic quality, it does propose a radical new way of looking at drawing.

Other works make use of thread in an unexpected way and extend drawing into space.

Caroline Holt Wilson, a mature student who joined the MA Drawing course after having had children and grandchildren and loosing her husband found a new fulfillment in life through the MA Drawing course and her practice. Her works are incredibly sensitive drawings made with carbon, abstract worlds where one can loose themselves in searching for an anchor.

This exhibition was introduced by the Course Director Tania Kovats and DRAW (Drawing Research at Wimbledon), a postgraduate reading group focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to drawing.  DRAW is led by Tania Kovats, (Course Director, MA Drawing) and supported by the UAL Postgraduate Community. http://draw.myblog.arts.ac.uk/ . If you are interested in joining the next DRAW event, please sign up to the newsletter by sending an Email to c.brueton@arts.ac.uk.